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Isabelle smiled faintly, “Thanks. I’m not sure I would say that.” She shook her head. “There were times where I would black out.” She admitted with a small shrug. “It could.” The demigod nodded in agreement. “Water demon? Sounds interesting. But I assure you, I’m not going to snap your neck for an opinion.” She joked.


"Water demons—Sirens. We get loads of names, to be honest. I never cared for the Siren bit. It’s a bit ….off-putting. And associated with the females. And often made sexual, which is odd to me, I don’t find death that appealing as a turn-on, but I guess whatever floats their boat." Luciphin just poked at the side of his head, feeling himself grow a bit more exhausted. Maybe that’s why he felt off—he was tired. "I feel like I’m rambling but I can’t tell…"

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Balthazar smiled, his eye crinkling. “I should tell you what I love about you then.” He paused before starting up. “Your smile, your eyes. I love your hair. Your scent. The way you look while your sleeping. In the morning when your hair’s a mess. When your mad at me. The way your nose crinkles sometimes. The way you take such good care of me and our daughter. I love everything about you. But there isn’t any bad.”

"My temper is pretty bad, Balthy." She smiled at him, tapping the tip of his nose with her pointer finger. "…I love you. That’s all that really matters, I think. Just the fact that I love you. And of course I take good care of Sea, she’s our daughter. She gets to look a bit more like you each day—and me. I prefer to see the parts of her that look like you…"

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Kenzi/Ksenia eye appreciation post

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"Really?" He asked as he kissed her nose. "What else do you like about me?"

"Oh, you want me to feed your ego now? Wow, that’s asking a lot." She smiled, shrugging her shoulders lightly. "Your smile, your touch, you smell nice… I love all of you. Good and bad."

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"Yeah." She nodded. The brunette shrugged, "It sure as hell isn’t glamorous." She sighed. "I think some people have been thinking of sending me to an asylum. I have me the requirements to be submitted." Isabelle shook her head, "Unfortunately not."


"If its any help, I think that you’re a lot more sane than others that have him as a sperm doner. It could be much worse for you. I think—I wouldn’t quote me on that." He shrugged slightly, "I’m just a water demon. My race is just known for drowning whoever gets too close to our territory. I don’t have room to say what’s right and what isn’t."

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During a recent cold snap, Washington-based photographer Angela Kelly and her son used homemade soap bubble solution and her camera to create an awesome series of photos entitled Frozen in a Bubble.

In an interview with KOMO News, Kelly explains, “We blew the bubbles across the top of our frozen patio table and also upon the hood of my car and then we watched in awe as each individual bubble froze with their own unique patterns. We noted how they would freeze completely before the sun rose but that once the sun was in view they would defrost along the tops or cease freezing altogether. We also noted how they would begin to deflate and implode in on themselves making them look like alien shapes or in some cases shatter completely leaving them to look like a cracked egg.”

Visit Angela Kelly’s Flickr stream to view more of her magical winter photos. She also has some prints available via Etsy.

[via My Modern Metropolis]

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